SPESBaS Inc. is an American multinational company which owns the SPESBaS dApp Ecosystem and is headquartered in Miami, Florida with entity number P22000047153. Its mission is “to build an ecosystem that generates revenue to subsidize the world’s products and deliver it to anyone swiftly, peacefully, and economically.”
DBAS is the official currency of the SPESBaS commerce blockchain where everyone can freely and securely exchange goods and services without a middleman.
SPESBaS is an established blockchain with its own native coin (DBAS) backed by physical operations arround the world which gives it great usecases.

SPESBaS dApp Ecosystem (SDE)

SDE uses combinations of dApps to build a sophisticated revenue generating ecosystem and gives back 99% to its community by applying subsidy to its Decentralized Marketplace’s products and buyback and burn of its cryptocurrencies (ALTO and DBAS):

50% to subsidize products at SPESBaS Marketplace,
30% to buyback and burn of DBAS,
19% to buyback and burn of ALTO.

Below are dApps in SPESBaS dApp Ecosystem:

  • SPESBaS Coin (DBAS)
  • SPESBaS Marketplace
  • SPESBaS Decentralized Community Discussion Board (SDCDB)
  • SPESBaS Wallet
  • SPESBaS Metaverse
  • SPESBaS Chain (Token Creation)
  • SPESBaS Job and project Matching
  • SPESBaS Collaboration Tool
  • SPESBaS Business Operations (SBO)

    SBO uses combination of online and offline facilities to deliver world’s products to anyone anywhere swiftly, peacefully, and economically through the following services:

    • SPESBaS Courier Services
    • SPESBaS Escrow Services
    • SPESBaS Importation and
    • Exportation Assistances
    • SPESBaS Manufacturer’s Rep.
    • SPESBaS Logistics Services
    • SPESBaS Distribution Services
    • SPESBaS Chain Stores

    SBO is designed not only to generate profit for SPESBaS Inc. but to strengthen and give more value to the SPESBaS dApp Ecosystem "supported cryptocurrencies (ALTO, DBAS and others)."

    The SPESBaS Vision

    "to build an ecosystem that generates revenue to subsidize the world’s products and deliver it to anyone anywhere swiftly, peacefully, and economically.”

    product images


    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency paved the way for a brand new industry where goods and services can be bought over the internet with digital currencies called Cryptos. Examples includes ALLIANCE Token (ALTO), DBAS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. These transactions occur via a decentralized technology. This means that all the middlemen involved in traditional e-commerce transactions are completely cut off. No banks. No Government. No credit card. Nothing.

    This Decentralized Commerce platform is what SPESBaS is all about and the cryptocurrencies for the operation of this platform are ALTO and DBaS.

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    SPESBaS Marketplace

    One of the major downsides of e-commerce is that all the countries of the world are not given equal opportunities to buy and sell online from one another. For instance, some countries are barred from using one service or the other. E.g PayPal is not readily available to all countries. This nepotism meant that some countries tipped off smaller countries in terms of trans border trades.

    And this is where Blockchain and Cryptocurrency come to the rescue. With the technology of the blockchain, transactions are completely anonymous meaning that there is absolutely no way to either know the involved parties or where they originate from. This eliminates all forms of nepotism involved in traditional trades. Transactions also occur with light's speed and for fractions of their usual fees.

    The SPESBaS Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace that connects, Manufacturers, sellers and buyers together. It creates the possibility for sellers to sell more and buyers to buy goods more cheaper through the SPESBaS subsidy program.

    Do you ever desire a marketplace where the price of products and services are reduced up to 50%? You buy cheap either for your personal use or resell for profit?

    At SPESBaS Marketplace, you buy products at the lowest price in the world.

    product images

    SPESBaS Metaverse

    The SEPSBaS Ecosystem will also host our SPESBaS Metaverse Engine & Platforms, through which we create a synergy between the real world and the virtual world, bridging the gap through blockchain technology, thereby bringing into reality and pioneering v-commerce (Virtual Commerce), which enables people have their own real store in our SPESBaS Marketplace in 3d form with real time interactions, moving around the store and shopping, plus a host of others, which you will read about in our whitepape

    This concept will utilize all latest technology including web 3.0. With this, each Manufacturer, dealer / seller will have their regular online store in our SPESBaS Marketplace and also, an optional 3D Store Front.


    Network Name: Spesbas Chain

    New RPC URL: https://mainnet.spesbaschain.com

    ChainID: 238
    Symbol: DBAS

    Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.spesbaschain.com


    Stock more with less amount

    @ ICO, 1 DBAS = $0.5 which means 100% ROI already during the public launch which starts at $1 for 1 DBAS.

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    Coin Distribution

    DBAS is at the heart of SPESBaS dApp Ecosystem. The maximum supply is set at 1 Billion coins, with Private Sale and Presale rounds to be sold in total of 6milllion DBAS. The remaining will be released for the Public Sales as well as generated through Community Mining, Potter, Potting and Proof-of-Transaction. The supply generated by private sales, presales and ICO will be releasing 1% at public launch and then 0.28% daily which ensures price stability after public launch.

    Private Sale: 0.1%
    Presales: 0.5%
    Airdrop: 0.4%
    ICO: 10%
    Liquidity Fund: 10%
    Team: 20%
    Development and Marketing: 5%
    Partners: 4%
    Reserves (Community mining): 50%

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    ICO Hot Line: +1 7862885587
    Telegram: Join our telegram channel


    SPESBaS Inc.
    2212 NW 91st Street #1158
    Miami, FL 33147